Work with confidence in this powerful yet small form factor design. Powered by high-performance AMD "Zen 2" architecture, the AMD 4700S Desktop Kit delivers superb performance.
Big Performance in a Compact System
The PC Build Made Easy
Bringing modern PC performance down into a simple preconfigured kit. The AMD 4700S Desktop Kit aims to address common pain points consumers see when purchasing a system:
  • Component Compatibility
  • Performance Compromises
  • Modern-Day Security Vulnerabilities
The Power of "Zen 2"
AMD 4700S Desktop Kit is built with 8 ultra-responsive processor cores using the same architecture that powers AMD Ryzen™ processors.

The award-winning AMD 7nm "Zen 2" core architecture delivers incredible performance for multitasking and heavy workloads. From quick app startup and web browsing to serious productivity in business applications, everything is fast and responsive.
A Desktop Solution for Home and Office
All-in-one soldered design allows for a smaller footprint and takes the guesswork out of matching the right components when building a system.
Designed with Your Protection in Mind
The AMD 4700S Desktop Kit features the latest in AMD and Microsoft's PC security features to help protect your data from today's sophisticated attacks.

  • Integrated Hardware Root of Trust in every system-on-a-chip (SOC).
  • Trusted Execution Environment helps protect data integrity.
  • Firmware TPM helps safeguard Cryptographic Keys.
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